Dec 06

THERAPEUTIC TINTS Filter out UV and Blue Light

Blue light is the Dominant component of skylight and a major cause of glare.  Aging and a number of ocular conditions can make eyes extremely sensitive to what is normally seen as moderate glare.   and these same pathological conditions also increase the possibility of veiling glare caused by blue light scatter within the eye.

By reducing glare you usually improve contrast and functional acuity.  If you want to reduce glare and relieve your discomfort you need to filter out UV and Blue light.  Here are some of the Conditions that these filters Help.  (Colors of the Tint will vary from Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Lavender, Rose,Orange,Brown based on Condition)

Developing Cataracts

Macular Degeneration

Aphakia and Pseudophakia

Diabetic Retinopathy




Optic Atrophy

Corneal Dystrophy

Retinitis Pigmentosa

And others.

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