Dec 13


There are approximately 2.5 mullion people withe photosensitive Epilepsy.  In a recent paper, G. Capovilla, et al, observed that”…photosensitivity can represent a serious problem in epilepsy patients, also because pharmacological treatment is often ineffective.  Non-pharmacological treatment using blue sunglasses is effective and safe in controlling photosensitivity…Six hundred and ten epilepsy patients were tested….”.  When they were tested with the blue sunglasses,  lenses made ppr disappear in 463 (75%) patients, and ppr was considerably reduced in and additional 109 (17.9%) of them.”  The B P I Deep Blue Zee tint’s spectral cure when applied to CR-39 ophthalmic lenses is virtually identical to that of the lens used in this special Study.


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