As pioneering laboratory opticians, we at Muller Optical recognize a growing need for the development and fabrication of unique or unusual optical lenses to meet the special vision needs of patients. Muller Optical’s special laboratory is the “can-do” place to get those unusual lenses that others may tell you are unavailable or “impossible to grind”. Please remember, if you can prescribe them, Muller Optical can fabricate them. Muller Optical’s reputation has been built by pursuing the motto of, “We can do it better! Today”.

Please scroll down the alphabetical list below to view a sample of vision problems and the lens solutions we create in our on-site optical laboratory. Also included are some unusual lenses and their functions. I’d like to consult with you regarding your difficult or unusual prescriptions. Fax or E-mail your prescription to our laboratory (Attn: Edward Muller) or call me for more information.  Please note: To inquire about a product please use this email address   “We make a living by what we get and what we do, but we make a life by what we give” (Winston Churchill)



A series of base curves, thicknesses and vertex distances to create binocularity (success is dependent on age, refractive error, v.a., alternator, varied suppression).


 Retinal Image size difference’s related to Aniseikonia.  Origin Genetics, Cataracts, Implants, or Trauma. (Objects that appear to be different sizes from Right to Left eye)


Neutralize prismatic displacement related to anisometropia in the distance gaze (both horizontal and vertical meridians). With a series of curves and thicknesses we can correct retinal disparity and create binocularity in a pair of useful and cosmetically pleasing glasses.


Neutralize the prismatic effect (in the horizontal and vertical meridians) caused by the astigmatic correction whether it be corneal or lenticular.

Blue Light

Harvard Medical School Publication.  Blue light has a dark side.  Daily rhythms are influenced by light,  Health risks, the power of blues, Less-blue light. (see home page)

Cement Bonding

Nasal or temporal hi-powered buttons, bonded “E” style or “D” style bifocals, trifocals, quadrafocals, prism distance only, prism at near only, etc.

Color Blindness

Information on a patented series of wave length lenses to correct color deficiencies.

Computer Lenses

The use of an accommodation chart to regulate specific reading and intermediate viewing distances.

Cosmetic Lens Grinding

A series of base curves and thicknesses to create cosmetic balancing in disparate prescriptions caused by anisometropia or amblyopia.

CPF Glare Cutter

Corning Glare Protection, 511, 527, 550, 450 for cataracts, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopthy, glaucoma, etc.

Diplopia (prism diopter)

Prism 1 degree to 30 degrees. Horizontal and vertical or crossed prism, deviation is either phoria (fusion) or tropia (muscle) related.

Diving Masks

Bonding prescription lenses to underwater diving masks (distance, near, or bifocals).

Double Concave

Double concave lenses ground for very high minus prescription. Single vision or multifocal, myodisc, myodisc fadeaway etc.

FL-41 Tinted Lenses for Blepharospasm

Rose tinted lenses for the treatment of Benign Essential Blepharospasm.  The Disorder includes Photophobia, Children and Adults with migraine headaches, Dry eye syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, bilateral spasmodic contractions, and Spasm of the eyelids.  Filters 430 to 570 nanometers.

Hemianopsia Mirrors

Mirrors and prisms positioned to create vision where necessary.

Isokonic Lenses (myo form)

It is Image disparity Correction related to Aniseikonia.  Which produces different size retinal images. Origin is either Genetics, cataracts, implants, or trauma.

Low Vision Aids

We are a distributor of low-vision aids from Telesensory, Eschenbach, The Lighthouse and Designs for Vision.


A.O.microscopic lenses 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 12x, (aspheric) non aspheric.

Moisture Chambers

Chambers made to keep the eye moist when dry-eye syndrome exists.

% Intermediates

Trifocal percentage intermediates 40%, 60%, 70%. Factory (glass only) or custom hand-made in plastic.

Prism Segs

Prism in the segment both vertical and horizontal near gaze only.

Ptosis Crutch

Crutch built for drooping eyelids related to nerve damage or stroke.


Quadrafocals hand made or factory made with adjusted separations and powers.

Resultant Centers

Neutralize the prismatic effect created by medium to high plus prescriptions in the near gaze (correction will aid in convergence).


Non standard separation for double “D” quadrafocals (factory or custom hand-made).

Slab Off or Bi-centric Grind

Neutralize prismatic effect related to anisometropia in the near gaze caused by cataracts, muscles, fusion, implants or genetics.

Telescopic Spectacles

Low vision aid (macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, etc.).

Vertex Distance

Mathematical conversion of prescribed vertex distance vs. wearing vertex distance.

Wrap-around Sunwear

Prescription wrap-around sun glasses or clear wrap-arounds on high base curves for motorcycling, auto racing, etc.


Radiation protection lenses for dental, radiology, or industrial use.