May 03

Occupational Therapy Vision Therapy Neuro Optometry

Eye and vision care and occupational therapy are just a few things that are offered though our Website.  Bringing together years of experience in Vision.

Targeting adults and children with strabismus, binocular coordination disorders, accommodation and tracking issues, including traumatic brain injuries.

Service offered for children with injuries, developmental, and neuromotor delays, emerging field of myopia control.  It is estimated that 20% of children have binocular coordination disorder.  Often these children have other associated developmental delays to include retained primitive reflexes, gross and fine motor coordination delays, and sensory processing delays to name a few.

Blending the skills of an occupational therapist with developmental optometry offers substantially more in-depth outcomes in a shorter period of time.

This Optometry Services is offered by

Michell Cohen OD in Albuquerque     InVision     Address is 2703 Broadbent Parkway NE, Suite J  Phone 505- 341-2020

Dr. Cohen believes that vision effects your life and your life effect your vision.


Another Service Offered by Muller Optical inc.

Email ejmuller@mulleropticalinc.com

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