Jul 26

EXTREME OPTICS 101 (Bonding With U V Cement)

Have you ever thought to your self why companies do not make special products.   Well if you can think of how you want a pair of glasses to function or what you want it to

do.  At Muller Optical Inc. that is what we do..  If you think of ways you would want a pair of glasses to be made and it is not on the shelve  WE Can Make it  by Bonding a

new Bifocal, Trifocal, or an overhead Occupational Segment.  Or Bonding a Prism or high power Segment for close viewing.  What ever the need Muller Optical Inc. can


Brought to you by Muller Optical Inc.

Email ejmuller@mulleropticalinc.com

Phone 505 296 8187

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